The Process of Gun Safe Moving in Idaho Falls, ID

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Hopefully if you own a gun, you store it in a secure place—most preferably in a gun safe. Having a gun safe in your home is one of the best ways to ensure your weapon doesn’t get into the wrong hands. There are too many stories on the nightly news of accidental shootings occurring because someone found a gun out in the open and pulled the trigger because they thought it was a toy or didn’t realize that it was loaded.

If you do own a gun safe and you’re moving into a new home, you’ll obviously want to bring it with you. Unfortunately, you’ll soon run into trouble trying to take the DIY approach, because gun safes tend to be really heavy and tall. This is why your best bet would be to hire the pros at 212° Specialty Movers for gun safe moving in Idaho Falls, ID. Let’s take a closer look at how you can expect us to approach the job:

  • We’ll determine your gun safe’s dimensions: It’s a good idea to know exactly what we’re dealing with before we begin the strenuous process of moving a large and heavy gun safe. For this reason, we’ll take the time to measure the safe’s exact dimensions and, if possible, determine its weight. Confirming the dimensions will allow us to know whether it’ll fit through a door or not before we try hauling it from one place to another. If you already have a general idea of how heavy your safe is before we begin, that’s great. Otherwise, we can likely find that information either on the safe itself or on the manufacturer’s website.

  • We’ll supply enough manpower: Unless you’re a power lifter or a regular competitor in strong man competitions, moving a gun safe all by yourself is going to be impossible. That’s true for us, too, which is why we’ll always have enough movers available to ensure your gun safe can be moved safely and with the greatest amount of ease as possible.

  • We’ll bring the appropriate moving equipment: Hopefully your gun safe has wheels on the bottom; that’ll certainly make for an easier move! But even if it does, things like stair-climbing equipment and a heavy-duty moving truck will still be necessary to move it safely and securely. We already have this equipment, and we’re much more prepared for gun safe moving in Idaho Falls, ID as a result.

  • We’ll employ proper safety precautions: Most importantly, we want everyone to be safe during the moving process. Our moving experts have years of experience and understand the best approaches to take when moving a gun safe, so you can rest assured that we know what we’re doing and will be as safe as possible.

For quick and easy moving of any large or cumbersome belongings, give 212° Specialty Movers a call. Our professionals handle everything from gun safe moving in Idaho Falls, ID to transporting pianos and hot tubs to new homes. Contact us today to secure an estimate and schedule an appointment!

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