We Provide Full Service Pool Table Moving in Idaho Falls, ID

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When it comes to moving a pool table, more than brute force is required. As most pool tables weigh several hundred pounds, they have to be disassembled prior to moving to ensure they are well protected and make the process more manageable. One key advantage of hiring professionals for pool table moving in Idaho Falls, ID is that they can make sure every last step of the process is handled with care and ease, resulting in your pool table reaching its new location free of damage. Let’s take a look at the process we employ at 212° Specialty Movers.

Disassembling your pool table

Our full service pool table movers begin by disassembling your pool table, one piece at a time. We’ll start with the rails and the pockets, which can be removed by unscrewing them from underneath. Then, we’ll wrap each part in protective paper or bubble wrap to help them avoid damage during the move. We’ll also label each piece and organize them in such a way that it makes reassembling the pool table much easier when we arrive at your new home.

The next step is to remove the felt, which is critical because it can be easily torn during transportation if it’s not properly protected. Depending on your pool table, the felt is likely to be held in place with either glue or staples. Regardless, it has to be completely removed before moving. (Unfortunately, pool table felt is not an especially sturdy material; it may be worth considering whether you want to replace it when you move into your new home, for a fresh start.)

Next, there’s the matter of the slate, which is really where our full service pool table movers come in handy. Each piece is very heavy and extremely delicate, and has to be removed with special care. We’ll unscrew each piece and securely wrap it in moving blankets to guarantee it arrives safely at your new home. The slate is the core of your pool table, and we’ll make sure it’s properly leveled during the reassembly process.

Finally, we’ll remove the legs from the cabinet of your pool table and (when possible) break it down into manageable sections. For one-piece cabinets, professional pool table moving in Idaho Falls, ID is essential, as we have the manpower and the equipment required to move it.

Reassembling your pool table

Once we’ve disassembled and safely transported your pool table to your new home, it’s time to begin the reassembly process. Fortunately, because we take the time to label and organize the parts during disassembly, putting your pool table back together isn’t all that difficult or time-consuming. Starting with the cabinet base, we’ll attach the legs, and then ensure the base is level. Next, we’ll add the slate, install the felt and screw in the rails and pockets. Your pool table should be ready for use at this point, but if you have any concerns or are in any way uneasy about using it just yet, we’re happy to keep working until we get it just right!

At 212° Specialty Movers, we are committed to providing first-rate, full service professional pool table moving in Idaho Falls, ID. We specialize in safely transporting large and heavy items like pool tables, and look forward to helping you soon!

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