Hire Piano Movers in Idaho Falls, ID to Move Your Piano

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Not all movers are created equal, and this is especially true when it comes to moving a piano. Because of the sheer girth of a piano, you want to make sure you have qualified piano movers in Idaho Falls, ID to help you get it to your new home.

Special equipment is necessary

When you hire piano movers in Idaho Falls, ID, you will have the expertise and the right equipment to ensure your piano makes the move to your new home in one piece. A piano can weigh upwards of 1,300 lbs, depending on whether it is an upright or a grand piano. You don’t want to chance a piece of equipment that large with just any mover! Specialty piano movers have moved pianos in the past and will know the right techniques for loading and unloading it safely.

When you select piano movers in Idaho Falls, ID, you will likely have a team of two to three people on hand to move your piano. They will come equipped with piano skids, moving pads, ramps and slings to move the piano with ease. If you have a particularly large and heavy piano, even more movers will come to make sure it arrives securely at its destination. A regular moving company is not properly outfitted with this equipment and may try to move a piano with pure muscle strength, which can lead to injury as well as damage to your piano.

Avoid injury with professional assistance

Trying to move a piano on your own can be risky, as injuries can happen at any time with a heavy object. Even regular movers aren’t experienced enough in handling pianos to avoid injury, and something can easily go wrong without the proper training and knowledge.

When you hire piano movers in Idaho Falls, ID, you are getting a team of movers that have moved plenty of pianos during their career. They know the best way to maneuver your piano to eliminate damage and get it to your new home safe and sound. Specialty piano movers also have the proper insurance to eliminate the risk to you as a homeowner and cover any damage that might occur to your piano.

One thing to note about moving a piano is that the actual movement of the musical instrument isn’t what causes a piano to be retuned after a move. It is the new location and the humidity in the air that can cause it to go out of tune after you bring it into your new home. With the help of piano movers in Idaho Falls, ID, you should be able to play your piano the moment you settle into your new home, without fear that anything has been broken during the move.

When looking for a piano mover, ask about their expertise in moving pianos. Always go with a reputable company that has the right equipment to move yours safely. To have a piano moved to your new home, contact 212° Specialty Movers. We are experienced in moving large and heavy items to and from homes, and would be happy to provide an estimate for moving your piano. Call today to learn more!

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