Hire Specialty Item Movers in Idaho Falls, ID for a Successful Move

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Are you preparing for a home or business move and wondering how you’re going to move some of your large items? You know you want your piano, pool table, hot tub or gun safe to come with you to your new home or business location, but you’re mystified about how to get it there.

That’s where specialty item movers in Idaho Falls, ID come in. The team at 212° Specialty Movers has the expertise and equipment to ensure your large and fragile items make it to your new location efficiently and safely.

Here’s why it makes sense to protect your investment instead of trying to cut corners during the moving process by moving the item yourself or recruiting friends or other amateurs:

  • Stairs can quickly become challenging and dangerous: If you’ve ever moved even lightweight items or traditional-sized moving boxes up and down stairs, you might remember navigating multiple sets of steps during the process. When you hire 212° Specialty Movers, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it won’t be a problem moving your piano, grandfather clock or other large item over even the trickiest stairs. With our heavy-duty forklift dolly, we are able to handle the heaviest and most difficult items that the standard moving company can’t. We can move your heavy loads upstairs, downstairs and in and out of difficult spots.
  • Specialty item movers will handle your items with care: Relying on friends or other inexperienced movers can result in carelessness. Challenges can easily arise when maneuvering around small spaces or carrying valuable items without the proper equipment, and those who aren’t professionals or don’t have experience moving specialty items will not have the expertise needed to handle the items as safely as possible. Not only that, but a tired or stressed team of amateur movers will likely not be able to make the best decisions about how to handle your piano, valuable artwork or other important item. Save yourself the worry over whether your large or fragile item will arrive safely by working with a specialty item mover.
  • You’ll have time to focus on other moving tasks: If your large item isn’t the only item you’re moving, or if you’re in the middle of a full-scale move for your home or business, hiring specialty item movers in Idaho Falls, ID will allow you to spend more time on packing and on making decisions about what items to keep or give away. If you’ll need to spend time cleaning the space you’ll be vacating, you’ll also be able to devote the proper energy to this task by hiring a specialty item mo

Whether you’re just beginning the moving process or you’re ready to move your hot tub, gun safe, antiques or other large and valuable items, you now have the knowledge you need about why it’s beneficial to hire specialty item movers in Idaho Falls, ID.

212° Specialty Movers is a locally owned and operated small business that is fully insured. We offer fair and reasonable rates and place customer satisfaction above all else. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment to move your items. We look forward to working with you!

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